Sell Fire Damaged Cars

Fire Damaged Cars

If your car features fire damage, you could be looking at repair costs worth thousands of Pounds. If the repair costs outweigh the value of the car, getting rid of the car and maybe investing in a new one is always the best option.

From extensive fire damage to minor burns, Sell The Car is the easiest way to sell your damaged vehicle. 

How to Sell Your Fire Damaged Car

To sell your car, you will need to follow 3 very basic steps. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: Let us know the car registration number by entering it on our website. Also, let us know whether the fire damaged car starts or not.

Step 2: If we would like to know more about the car, we will call you. Otherwise, you will get a competitive price immediately.

Step 3: After we agree on the price, we will transfer your money to your bank account and plan the car collection.


Why Sell Your Fire Damaged Car to Us?

Irrespective of why you ended up with fire damage on your car, Sell The Car is willing to acquire the car at a competitive price. The reasons why people prefer to sell their cars to us include:

  • Our prices are competitive.
  • The selling process is both easy and quick.
  • We pay within 10 minutes of you accepting our offer.
  • We do not charge you anything to tow the vehicle from your home.

We do not just make selling fire damaged vehicles quick and easy; we also make it possible for the car owners to put the money they deserve into their pockets.


Why Did My Car Catch Fire?

This is a common question that most people who are dealing with fire damaged automobile ask themselves. Basically, car fire causes are associated with electrical systems, fuel, petroleum-based fluids, and the exhaust system. By far, however, the most fires result from gasoline (fuel) related causes.

1. Fuel-Related Car Fires

These usually start at the fuel rail, where the fuel pressure and injectors exist. The O-rings in this region often wear out over time.

Since the fuel injectors and regulators are usually under pressure, they could cause a fuel leak if they force the fuel through a cracked or broken O-ring. If the leaking fuel comes into contact with a combination of oxygen and ignition source, this will create fire.

2. Electrical Related Car Fires

Electrical-related fires are usually a result of human error. The errors include:

  • Poorly installed batteries.
  • Incorrectly installed starters
  • Loose high-voltage connections

3. Exhaust Related Car Fires

The exhaust system encompasses almost the whole length of the car. This means that it may feature a large number of hot spots. If the hot spots come into contact with leaking fuel, this could cause a fire.

4. Car Fires Caused by Petroleum-Based Fluids

Petroleum-based fluids are available in various parts of the car, including rear-end differentials, engine, and the transmission. Fires related to the petroleum-based fluids generally result from build-ups, which happen over time.