Sell Cars with Electrical Faults

Cars with Electrical Faults

Every car features a maze of relays, fuses, wires, and other electrical parts. If all or one of the major electrical components fails, your car could become undrivable. Common electrical problems include:

  • Dead battery – This issue makes it impossible for you to start the car with your key. A jump start can help solve the issue.
  • Non-charging battery – To fix this problem, you may need to purchase a new battery.
  • Bad alternator – This is one of the most serious electrical faults. It could lead to dimming headlights.
  • Failed spark plugs – The common symptoms of this electrical fault include rough idling and lurching.

Options for Cars with Electrical Faults

When deciding what to do with cars with electrical faults, you have to consider the repair costs. If the repair costs are affordable, you should invest in the repairs.

For cars featuring serious electrical problems, repair costs are too high. If repairing the electrical faults in your car will be more costly than the car itself, you should consider selling the car to us.

At Sell The Car, we are not concerned about the car model or make. We buy all types of cars. 

Reasons to Sell to Us

  • Our buying process is extremely simple.
  • Our customer support team is more than willing to respond to all your queries.
  • We pay within 10 minutes of you accepting our offer.
  • We collect the cars we buy for free, from all over the UK.



How to Sell to Sell The Car

When selling to us, we will need you to enter the car’s registration number. Also, inform us whether starting the car is possible. Unless we require more details, you will get a price offer immediately. After we agree on the price, we will pay you and then plan the collection.

Get What You Deserve for Cars with Electrical Faults

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not take advantage of the fact that your car features electrical problems. We offer you a price that is equivalent to the car’s value. We do not rush you, we even give you time to think the price offer through.