Sell Problem Cars

Problem Cars

If your car no longer your prode and joy or the family friend it once was, it's time to sell and move on. We get out of bed everyday to buy as many problem cars as we can.

Problem Categories

  • Engine seized
  • Broken gearbox
  • Cambelt snapped or broken
  • ECU fault
  • Failed timing chain
  • Immobiliser problems
  • Engine management lights come on
  • Brake failure
  • Exhaust problems

What to Do with a Problem Car

There a limit to putting up with a problem car. Overtime, it's simply not worth the money you spend fixing it.

The best option you have is to sell the problem car. At Sell The Car, we make it extremely easy for car owners to sell problem cars. Instead of forcing a price on you, we will discuss the car’s worth to come to an agreement.

Why Sell to Us

For years now, we have been purchasing insurance write offs from all over the UK. Some of the reasons most people prefer to sell to us include:

  • A simple selling process
  • Generous compensations
  • Free car collection
  • We pay as soon as our offer is accepted

How to Sell Problem Cars to Us

Step 1: Let us know the car registration number by entering it on our website. Also, inform us whether it is possible to start the car or not.

Step 2: You will get an immediate price or you will be called for more details.

Step 3: We will pay you before collecting your car for free.